Emergency rooms are infamous for their lengthy wait times, which can be incredibly frustrating for patients with busy schedules. If you have a non-emergency medical issue of an urgent nature, but do not have, unable to reach & being cared by your own primary care physician , or are visiting the Encino, California area, the Encino Commons Urgent Care walk-in clinic can be an excellent alternative to an emergency room visit. Our highly trained staff treats non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries, adult & Children, in a professional and timely manner, and we do not require an appointment.

Dr. Farah and the Encino Commons Urgent Care team provide all patients with a thorough evaluation and customized treatment plan to resolve any problematic medical issues. Our walk-in clinic treats patients on a first-come, first-served basis; however, severely urgent cases receive priority care.

The Encino Commons Urgent Care is part of a broader, well recognized, medical facility at the same location in the heart of Encino California, Encino Town Medical Group & treatment Center.

Bijan Farah MD is the medical director and practicing physician at Encino Town Medical Group has provided medical & surgical services as Primary Care Physician to whom has chosen him, as their private doctor, over the last 20 years.

At the Encino Town Medical Group & Encino Commons Urgent Care, we treat a multitude of health issues of acute or chronic, and to offer our patients a variety of therapeutic services to include but not limited to:

The Encino Town Medical Group staff believe in treating our patients like family, and we will always take the time to ensure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed. If you have any questions, or would like more information about the Urgent Care walk-in clinic services at Encino Town Medical Group, please contact us today, and begin your journey to better health.



Dr. Farah

  • Dr. Farah has been practicing medicine for over 40 years. Having practiced Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine and General Surgery, Dr. Farah has seen it all.

  • Our practice ranges from general family care, to Urgent Care patients, as well as minor surgeries. We are even a center for traveler’s vaccinations.

  • Our patients are like family, that’s why they keep coming back!


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